Comic Cuts

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They say a picture paints a thousand words.
Well, I’ve got a complaint to make.
This one only has two.

Unless there are more round that corner where we can’t see them.
Don’t know about you but I’m convinced we’re not being told the whole truth.
All the pictures we see only show what the artist or photographer wants us to see.
What about all the stuff that’s just out of view?
What are they trying to hide?

Another thing.
What’s so funny about people having nothing to be thankful for?
Is the utter failure to provide customer satisfaction something to be laughed at?

No, my online friends, instead of giggling over cartoons in darkened rooms we should be taking to the streets and demanding answers.

Where are all the other words? What’s round that bloody corner? Why are other people behaving so strangely? Did we miss a meeting? And why are we being lead by idiots pretending to be geniuses? Or are they geniuses pretending to be idiots?

Either way, we’re scuppered!

Our only hope is that somehow there dwell amongst us true visionaries who see into the heart of things and can guide us away from the dark abyss of error and forward into broad, sunlit uplands … er, Winston Churchill quote, besides he’s no longer with us … yes, my virtual compatriots, true visionaries like the chirpy unsung hero of these few short scenes:

Which current world leader can boast the 100% approval rating this little guy achieves? The man under the piano failed to provide his customer-experience scores before our deadline so we have excluded him from the survey.

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