100 word story (#3)

Two brothers: one shilling.

A sign: Change Given!

Twelve pennies: six in each tight grasp.

What’s Father always saying? Speculate to accumulate.

They part company:

the Confident One to bright lights and siren sounds, flashing buttons and levers galore, where cylinders spin and robot-hands pretend to grab toys;

the Tentative One to a dark room edged with silent cabinets, boxes of delight, diorama dreams: butcher-shops, bedrooms, cowboy-saloons, operating-theatres, schoolrooms, cemeteries. The penny drops: dogs steal sausages, ghosts appear, gunfights erupt, surgeons wield machetes, paper-planes fly, skeletons grin from graves.

Both emerge empty-handed but who has, nonetheless, added to his stash?


Image result for old pennies


Image:ย Pinterest


22 thoughts on “100 word story (#3)

  1. A conundrum in my view! I love the mystic that comes with this post. Hmm speculate to accumulate, this is indeed true of investors. But chicken hearted me does not dare speculate lest I lose it all and grow savings in miserly bank account interest rates ha ha!

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