Whispering Truth to Power

D o you ever,
I n the wildcat wilderness of your
S ecret heart, surprise yourself with a sudden
O verwhelming urge to
B uck the fearful trend and cry aloud The
E mperor has no clothes ?  Oh
Y es, I reply, but she is overruled by my fearful head!


Image result for fear


Image: TED.com

Stimulus: WordPress Daily Prompt Disobey

14 thoughts on “Whispering Truth to Power

  1. Disobey… yes it should be practiced once a day whether needed or not, just to keep in practice. 🙂 It doesn’t have to be big and splashy, something that will get your thrown in jail. Put your foot down gently on the grass where there is a sign that says ‘don’t walk on the grass.’ Little rebellions can be freeing, and prepare you for bigger rebellions when and if necessary. –Curt

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