Guiding Spirits

I regard organised religion as more of a dividing than a unifying force but I share with those who are religious an overwhelming desire to express thankfulness. Naturally I am grateful to family and friends but beyond them I would like to salute all the men and women whose energetic effort, excellent example and power to Elevate have enriched my life immeasurably.

I may have left out a few but this is the best I could manage in half an hour. It’s not much to give for a lifetime of encouragement.

Jane Austen 
Samuel Beckett 
William Blake 
Jorge Luis Borges 
Ray Bradbury 
Emily Bronte 
Big Bill Broonzy 
Arthur Brown 
Lenny Bruce 
Gautama Buddha 
William Burroughs
Samuel Butler 
Italo Calvino 
George Carlin 
Leonora Carrington 
Lewis Carroll 
Rachel Carson 
Miguel de Cervantes 
Anton Chekhov 
Samuel Taylor Coleridge 
Peter Cook 
Marie Curie 
Charles Darwin 
Ray Davies 
Richard Dawkins 
Charles Dickens 
Emily Dickinson 
Bob Dylan 
TS Eliot 
Harry Enfield 
Mary Anne Evans (George Eliot) 
Ella Fitzgerald 
Anne Frank 
Mahatma Gandhi 
Khalil Gibran 
Alan Ginsberg 
Jane Goodall 
Kenneth Grahame 
Jimi Hendrix 
Bill Hicks 
Christopher Hitchens 
Billie Holiday 
Barry Humphries 
Aldous Huxley 
James Joyce 
Carl Jung 
Franz Kafka 
Frida Kahlo 
Paul Kantner 
John Keats 
Jack Kerouac 
Martin Luther King 
Rudyard Kipling 
Philip Larkin
DH Lawrence 
Edward Lear 
Ursula Le Guin 
John Lennon 
Abraham Lincoln 
Nelson Mandela 
Katherine Mansfield 
Bob Marley 
Spike Milligan 
Dudley Moore 
Jim Morrison 
Van Morrison 
Arthur Miller 
AA Milne 
Joni Mitchell 
Friedrich Nietzsche 
Florence Nightingale 
Flann O'Brien 
Joe Orton 
George Orwell 
Wilfred Owen 
Emmeline Pankhurst 
Rosa Parks 
Louis Pasteur 
Edgar Allen Poe 
Richard Pryor 
Queen Elizabeth I 
Francois Rabelais 
Arthur Rimbaud 
Christina Rossetti 
Mary Seacole 
WG Sebald 
Mary Shelley 
Percy Bysshe Shelley 
William Shakespeare
Grace Slick
John Steinbeck 
Lawrence Sterne 
Robert Louis Stevenson 
Marie Stopes 
Tom Stoppard 
Dylan Thomas 
EP Thompson 
Thomas Traherne 
Harriet Tubman 
Leonardo da Vinci 
Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart) 
Kurt Vonnegut
Alan Watts 
HG Wells 
Oscar Wilde 
Hank Williams 
Tennessee Williams 
Virginia Wood 
Virginia Woolf 
William Wordsworth 
Neil Young 
Malala Yousafzai 
Frank Zappa


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17 thoughts on “Guiding Spirits

      1. Sometimes, brevity is not a strength for me! I meant that sometimes we meet people in our journey of life, who say or do something for us. They make a huge impact and move on. And we may not realize that until decades later, thus, we didnt get a chance to appreciate/ look up to them. They may be giant for one/ few families only.


  1. A few names I didn’t recognise there. I must admit though, when I saw Boudica, I found myself thinking, “Did you know her personally or only through her writings?” 😉 I guess you just admire her strength and determination. A woman leading a tribe/nation in what was then very much a man’s world takes some doing.

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    1. To be brutally honest – and these days that’s the only kind of honest to be – I was struggling for female inspiration and she came to mind. That there are not more women on the list is more to do with our chauvinist culture than my personal omission!


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