Class Action

V iewed from afar, the battle
I s nothing but a game of chess - the best of three, perhaps?
S een up
C lose, however,
E ach thrust and parry is only one 
R emove from blood and guts 
A nd grisly death. No good
L osers or brainy winners here!

Image result for chess as war

Image: Blender Artists Community

Source: WordPress Daily Prompt Visceral

4 thoughts on “Class Action

  1. This reminds me of Carl Sagan and his “pale blue dot”. At a sufficient distance the Earth and it’s man made problems gain a new perspective.
    As you so nicely point out, get up close and it’s a different story.

    1. Ah yes, good old Carl Sagan! Thanks for making the comparison, Mike, it’s got me thinking about perspective and two ideas I’ve been playing with – the way that magic was believed to operate, either through similarity or contiguity … sorry, thinking out loud, one for a future post perhaps!

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