The Curse of Human Nature  

When a post comes along that says what you’re thinking more clearly than you can say it yourself, you should clearly pass it on. The thoughtful comment stream is worth a read, too, although modesty forbids me mentioning my contribution … whoops!

Opher's World

Whenever anyone comes up with an idealistic vision to put an end to war, prevent the destruction of nature, solve the overpopulation crisis, or put into place a socialist government that would create fairness and equality, we are always told – ‘great idea but it can’t happen because of human nature’.

What is this curse of human nature?

It seems that whenever anyone tries to do something good someone comes along to undermine it. They either selfishly exploit people or do something destructive.

This human nature is the side of us that likes inflicting pain and being cruel, greedy and selfish. It is the bullying side; the violent, brutal side.

Over the centuries religions have warned against this curse of human nature. They have set out rules and commandments and followed them up with humungous threats of eternal damnation. But that hasn’t worked. What with paedophile priests and greed and…

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12 thoughts on “The Curse of Human Nature  

  1. This is such a timely post.
    We seem to need generations of time to change our outlook, even when we can’t avoid seeing what the problems are.

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