Guru to the Dispossessed

Before my next post, here is a message from our sponsor – Blue Sky Solutions, Inc.

S o here is that good news you’ve been waiting for: a philosophy of fresh
U nderstandings and astounding insights,
B ringing food for thought to a world
S tarving for new ideas.
T rust us, friends, for we
A im at
N othing less than a revolution in human consciousness to heal all
D ivision
A nd unify hearts and minds in a smileyhappypeople kind of way.
R ead our latest publication, priced beyond your means, and learn to live with
D isappointment.


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Image: WGSN

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9 thoughts on “Guru to the Dispossessed

  1. Not guru enough, alas, to influence the advertising copy placed on my blog by Blue Sky Solutions, Inc. … hang on, Curt, just getting a message from head office … oh … yes, well, I just … yes, of course, the need to maintain a positive vibe and … uh, yes sir, I will indeed … sorry, Curt, what were we saying? Something about how lucky I am to have such an excellent sponsor, perhaps …

  2. This reminds me of a BBC Radio 4 programme that used to be broadcast in the 6:30 pm comedy slot when I was commuting home from work. It was about a consultancy called Unthinkable Solutions – and that’s just what they offered their gullible clients. Immensely amusing.

  3. I got some spam that looked “official” with small print at the bottom assuring me they were not trying to deceive me…is there any truth left? Ok, there never was that much in advertising, but at least they used to be clear that they WERE advertisements. (K)

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