100 word story: Restless Soul

Her world was gorgeous. She had only to sit back and enjoy it. But somehow it wasn’t enough.

Could life be more enjoyable, she wondered?

The thought took hold, eroding her pleasure in nature. She craved complication, obsessed with the idea of something somewhere just out of reach. Simplicity gave way to sophistication. Freedoms fled before fascisms of high fashion.

No longer did she love everywhere, learning from others to place one thing above another. The rare and novel drove the familiar and commonplace from her heart.

Meddle with the natural order, she began to demand. Bring me new things.

Image result for industry versus nature

Image: Flickr


8 thoughts on “100 word story: Restless Soul

    1. Glad you liked it. It helps a lot to have the word counter at the bottom of the Write page, I find, because otherwise my stories tend to ramble on … ask any of my drinking companions!

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