Paris Discord

Thought I’d mark this miserable moment and subsequent news of the US withdrawing from the Paris Accord with a little lament, an acrostic using the WordPress Daily Prompt Brassy:

B arge past those wimps – let them get used to a brave new world where
R udeness rules and everything is up for grabs!
A ir, earth, water – the very
S tuff of beauteous life herself
S old to the highest bidder. Going, going,
Y es, g o i n g …

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18 thoughts on “Paris Discord

  1. That video is unbelievable. I did a double take when I first saw it happen on TV. He looks like an old yob Teddy Boy and acts like one too. One expects him to produce a flick-knife, bike chain or cut-throat razor.
    Pulling out of the Paris Agreement is reprehensible. Dumping the planet for greed. I think you nailed it with the acrostic Dave.

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    1. Thanks, Opher … yeah, his I’m-the-king-of-the-castle moment! As for Paris, even North Korea are still in … Nicaragua is out but only because the climate agreement doesn’t go far enough!


    2. I don’t see Trump so much as a yob, more a pouting three-year old. Did you hear him whine “it’s not fair” when explaining why he’s taking America out of the Paris agreement?

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    1. Most of the Americans I’ve met have been thoughtful, considerate, polite, rational and good-humoured. It’s not a scientific sample, of course, but it has convinced me.


  2. As someone pointed out, Trump has done nothing but accelerate the destruction of the environment. Hard to believe anyone could be so clueless. And supported by 22 Senators! I have no sympathy for the voters who elected those people. None. (K)

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