There will now be a short interlude …

Ten days between posts constitutes a break in transmission. Keen not to make a bad Impression and anxious to avoid “dead air” while still struggling to think of anything to broadcast, I will emulate the 1950s practice of good old Auntie BBC and fill the gap with an Interlude.

The principle, it seems, was to calm the audience who might otherwise get carried away with the excitement of continuous mental stimulus. In those days, with only one television channel, we had to sit through whatever tedium they chose to inflict upon us. But now, sensitive as I am to the modern preference for choice, here is a selection of interludes for your viewing pleasure.

If you have time to kill, you may choose to watch them all. If, however, you are pressed for time you may want to skip to the final example – a fairly brief spoof version from the 1990s.

As they used to say, don’t get square eyes …

10 thoughts on “There will now be a short interlude …

    1. I think we’ve all grown used to fast cutting by film editors eager to capture our dwindling attention spans … a positive feedback loop with negative consequences, in this grumpy old man’s opinion! I see they’re experimenting with slow radio and TV again, after the success of slow cooking and eating … bring back the horse and cart, I say!

      1. Lol! They say our brains are actually changing due to all the over-stimulation. Dwindling attention spans but also supposedly we are now better at multi tasking. But I like watching things like the spinning wheel from time to time 🙂

  1. When the train pulled out of Victoria station I could smell the soot! Ah, what memories… And, as a bonus, three of the four video clips ended with a link to the induction of Yes into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That’s another great video. That’s what bank holiday weekends are for, isn’t it?

    1. All our yesterdays, it seems … will give the Yes induction a look, cheers! … one thing about getting old, there’s so much online to catch up with! Maybe this is what lies behind Jezza’s offer of 4 more bank holidays!

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