In The Art Gallery

The fourth in my series of comedy moments features Peter Cook and Dudley Moore from their ground-breaking 1960s sketch-show Not Only … But Also. Their wild and zany humour was a refreshing change from the rather buttoned-up comedy of the time – Spike Milligan always the honourable exception, of course – and we particularly looked forward to their Pete & Dud routines, broadcast live in front of a real studio audience.

This left them excitingly vulnerable and Exposed. You never knew what would happen and neither, half the time, did they – although how much was planned and how much was spontaneous is still a moot point. Peter admitted that he tried to make Dudley laugh and it’s obvious in both of these extracts that the latter is trying hard not to – but if all this strikes you as rather juvenile, please remember that we were still at school and had to battle fits of the giggles in front of solemn and frequently pompous teachers almost every day …


16 thoughts on “In The Art Gallery

  1. Oh God this is so funny. I have never seen anything like this except Charlie Chaplin. Thanks for sharing, got to dig your blog more for such gems.

      1. Like you, I’ve looked for the Walrus and Carpenter sketch but couldn’t find it though have read that it survived the BBC’s videotape wiping. My only suggestion would be to look through the various compilation videos online.

        1. Thank you for your prompt reply and suggestion. I did buy a DVD “the best of , what’s left of…not only but also….
          recommend it to anyone who can appreciate their wit?!

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