Rolling in the Aisles …

There seems to be something of a laughter deficit at the moment. Real laughter brings a therapeutic loss of Control and I’ve seen grown men and women helpless with laughter when Spike Milligan does his stuff. Without laughter we lose perspective, so here is Spike (aged 76) accepting a Lifetime Achievement gong at the British Comedy Awards:

Postscript:  Immediately after this event, Spike sent a fax to Prince Charles which read: “I suppose a knighthood is out of the question?”

10 thoughts on “Rolling in the Aisles …

  1. One of the great things about Spike was that he was not averse to trying everything – the sign of true innovation (especially in comedy) is that some of it works brilliantly and some of it doesn’t – often the stuff that doesn’t seem to work is simply ahead of its time. Unless there is some risk taking comedy would stay in a cosy predictable rut, comfortable but not stimulating. Keep up the signposting to Spike, Dave, I, for one, never tire of his way of making me laugh.

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    1. Absolutely, Mike, he was never afraid of the tumbleweed moment … the laughter he provoked was often tinged with shock at his daring. Like watching a fellow pupil annoy the teachers …


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