: the most successful blog in history :

Wish I’d written this … woulda been so-o good … though maybe not this good!

the whirly girl

I truly believe I’ve done great things.  So fabulous. I have better posts than anyone, really, really very popular posts. Did you see the crowd? The people love me; lots of them follow me. Many more than follow that overrated Meryl Streep.

No blogger has accomplished what I have, but I’m fighting fake reality. What you see isn’t real, it’s a lie. My little site is actually huge and we’re moving so fast, making the Internet great again. There’s never been a website that’s done as much in such a short time. It was a total mess when I got here, frankly, but I’m fixing that.

Everyday I sit at my amazing desk and I write big, super-classy words. Nobody loves words more than I do; words are fantastic. I use them a lot to say really terrific things. And I only use the best words, big ones to prove…

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