Millagain …

When I saw the Daily Prompt word was Spike, how could I resist another tribute to the comic genius who kept us UK kids rolling around on the floor in the 1950s? Humour is notoriously hard to explain, so I’ll settle for affection … perhaps you’ll get a warm feeling from these acrostics.

For my earlier tribute to Spike Milligan, click

S illy Verse For Kids – we felt the
P ain of laughing till we cried but never had an
I nkling that you wrote the book to
K eep your own kids grinning, in agonised
E xpectation that divorce might tear them from you.

S ometimes the solemn
P retence of adult life
I s given a good
K icking when one of us breaks ranks and starts to
E ntertain his inner child.

S ad little Bluebottle,
P ipsqueak
I n
K neebritches, angry with
E ccles!


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Image: ABC

39 thoughts on “Millagain …

    1. Glad you liked ’em, Curt – the Goon Show was on radio in the mid 50s and his various TV shows straddled the 60s and 70s. But he was liable to turn up on chat shows at any time until the late 90s … if they dared risk his anarchic sense of fun coupled with very strong opinions!


    2. The Goon Show, Badjelly the Witch and pretty much anything Spike was pretty big on TV and radio all the way over here in NZ 🙂 so not just a British thing…

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        1. Hahaha… had Gilligans Island too… couldn’t wait to get home on a Tuesday from school and watch that one. Mind you, we only had two TV channels (inspiringly called TV1 and TV2) so there wasn’t a lot of choice back then…

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            1. When we finally got a TV it was just one channel – Auntie BBC – we weren’t allowed to watch ITV because it was common and so got very excited (mid teens) when BBC2 came along …


      1. Well, in the U.S. it seems to me the things they want us to think of as ‘funny’ are true events — but they try to turn it into a sitcom, thinking we are so dumb we will laugh at it. Or else it is presented as a ‘thriller’. But it is all sad reality.

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          1. Yes — they do not do investigative reporting here anymore, they just report what corporations pay them to report. So everyone is being fed some kind of weird Orwellian Newspeak. But I was raised on Monty Python so I still remember those days of genuinely funny, thought provoking stuff 🙂


  1. Thanks to catch-ups on BBC Radio 4extra I share my morning bath with Spike’s Goon Show. The unusual logic in them beats the lack of any kind of logical process in recent real-life events and shows them up in all their inhumanity. Seventy years on they are full of a warmth for human frailty – and thanks to perfect casting are funny to boot. I enjoyed your acrostics, Dave. They certainly show affection – and I’m feeling warm all over.

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    1. Good to hear it, Mike, and 100% agree with you about Radio 4 Extra … what would we do without it? As for logic, it’s so often used to justify emotional gut reactions that it has become identified with sophistry. Spike’s illogical logic was a welcome antidote …


  2. Sir, I am none other than Detective Tony Pastry of New Scotland Yard. My informant has told me that you are none other than the Red Herring, the notorious art thief. And my informant is very reliable: He recently sold me the Moon for £500 and a pint of mild. He’s very big in NASA, you know. He has also informed me that the Pink Panther films are not fictitious but are in fact a series of documentaries about a real Inspector Clouseau. Since then I have modelled my entire career on Clouseau’s achievements and it has not been easy, I can tell you. If you do not immediately hand yourself in at the nearest police station, I will have to come and put you under arrest.


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