New Lamps For Old!

A curiously mirthless response to the Daily Prompt Chuckle:

C ompare these shrinking horizons to that wide world where all were
H eroes once upon a dream. Remember how we
U sed to imagine ourselves somehow worth
C elebrating in stirring sagas to be
K ept for perpetuity in many-storied
L ibraries, those grand repositories of glorious
E xample? Hush … don’t snigger!



8 thoughts on “New Lamps For Old!

    1. I know most of what’s in those books is available online – or at least the stuff that’s still useful – but there’s something rather sad about all those beautiful objects gathering dust …

      1. I actually think researching online is flattening information. I find it less and less useful, as the powers that be are determining what you see (money, mostly). If I were really doing research I would never rely on google.

        1. I agree, broadly, though I suppose Google depends on popularity and therefore has a democratic dimension. How far that is skewed, say, by sponsorship is anyone’s guess … I’ve heard sites can get themselves to the top of the list quite easily. I wonder how far brevity drives choice and we all know about the soundbite culture … wish they’d invent a new algorithm to detect quality!

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