Unlucky for Some

A haiku in response to the WordPress Daily Prompt Measure.

Everything is relative …        


13 Words

Side by side and yet
A world apart, they both wait
For reassurance.

18 thoughts on “Unlucky for Some

  1. I love the universality of this haiku! It can apply to all the phases: childhood, first date (@Christine, @stoneyfish) or new kid in class, couple while getting married, divorcing couple, India and Pakistan, America and Russia (side by side in strength not proximity), Britain and Europe.

    1. Wow … quite a list, especially as I was only thinking of those two little cartoons! I suppose any microcosm can be linked to any macrocosm … and I’ve just thought about the US battle-fleet sabre-rattling near North Korea! Maybe it is all as simple as seventeen syllables …

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