Unlucky Charms

Perhaps we would do better to take collective responsibility for unfolding events rather than blaming them on the mysterious machinations of Fortune.

F uture days are nothing but fleeting dreams
O f yesterday’s hazy
R ecollections glimpsed in the distorting mirror of
T oday – krazy kangaroo kaleidoscopes!
U nderstandable, then, if we prefer to imagine
N ow held captive by Tomorrow and conceive that
E verything rides on the blind throw of loaded dice.


Image result for distorting mirrors


Image: John Goto


7 thoughts on “Unlucky Charms

  1. Collective responsibility – that is a great concept, but it does rather assume that we live in a collective. At the moment it feels rather like being in a storm bound ship with steering decisions being taken by a show of hands from the landlubbers aboard.
    Bring back the experts.
    Of course taking the wider, cosmic perspective, the blind throw of loaded dice will do very nicely, thank you.
    Dave, you are very good at getting me to exercise my one remaining grey cell. Thanks.

    1. You have a grey cell left, Mike? Think all mine are burned out, any chance of a loan?

      Your comment is spot-on. The ship all at sea is a perfect metaphor. I’m worried that debate about what really needs doing is going to be drowned out by divorce proceedings and subsequent visits to Relate or whatever. Oddly, I suspect this suits the sort of politician who doesn’t much believe in government anyway … and as for experts, set ’em fighting amongst themselves, the old ‘policy’ of divide-and-rule!

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