a lottery winner texts his future

(Sings) I’m gonna live forever, I’m gonna learn how to fly … or maybe just content myself with another acrostic poem in response to the WordPress Daily Prompt Elixir:


e vry fule no u dont get sumthin for nuthin in this crule
l ife & if u want 2 liv 4 eva u got 2 pay thru the nose 4
i t so i went & spent the hole stinkin lot on 1 teenytiny bottol ov fairy dust from
x anadu where old kubla khan still alive & kickin on milk ov pairadice & hunnydew &
i t sure in hell beats freezin yr bits off in a gr8 big fridge or beatin yr brains out 2 be
r emembered by folk that only want 2 no u cos they think u loaded


Image result for vial of perfume


Image: Pinterest

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