Rash promises being the order of the day, thought I’d join in by undertaking to write a brand-new acrostic poem every day for a week using the WordPress Daily Prompt. The first one is Meaningless, if you see what I mean …

M aking sense of our world is your natural
E ntitlement, the new-life guru promised on his poster,
A nd only he held the keys to the kingdom of true knowledge.
N o-brainer, we thought, and mortgaged the house just
I n case he really had stumbled across the golden portal to
N irvana – committed ourselves to a new-life sentence with time off for
G ood behaviour. No pain, we chanted, no gain. Let it cost an arm and a
L eg if paradise beckoned. For months we watched the guru smile, his happy
E xample fading as our bank balance
S lipped into the red. Turned out he was just a new life guru,
S ame as all the rest. The hyphen wasn’t even hype, just a random fly-speck.


Image result for fly specks


Image: Ask an Entomologist


12 thoughts on “Smudged

  1. Well said, David. It’s wise to be skeptical about anyone who promises instant happiness. Even more so when there is a price tag included!
    Noted your tagline today: the wonderings of a zig-zag wanderer. Don’t know why I haven’t earlier. I really like it—seems to fit you to a T. –Curt

  2. Brilliant! I’ve been chuckling all morning.

    BTW, do you know the Genesis song The Battle of Epping Forest from their album Selling England By The Pound? The lyrics mention a “pin-up guru” who sounds exactly like your “new life” one.

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