100 word story: Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us

Tombstone was a one-horse town.

This was no metaphor. Sole equine-licencee Mayor Hiram N. Firam rented out Ol’ Lightnin’ to anyone fool enough to ride her. Nervous townsfolk accepted his transport monopoly after a thousand mystery posters appeared, painting alternative scenarios of horse-manure up to their rooftops.

Several brave souls claimed the only ordure was on the posters until Judge Firam ruled that metaphor was banned under the new Plain-Speaking Ordinance, which also proscribed foreign words and public pronouncements of more than 140 characters.

When folk headed for the hills they were greeted with huge signs advertising the officially-authorised Hiram Hideout.


Image result for horse poo

Image: http://horseandhound.co.uk/news/finally-472393

19 thoughts on “100 word story: Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us

  1. Tombstone still IS a one-horse town, still there last time I checked, though mostly metaphor now, I guess, population down to little more than 1300 from a pre-1900 high of 14,000, more tourists than locals, sigh, there goes the neighborhood…

    1. You know, I really hope I haven’t contributed to its further decline … alas, the Bafflesby Tourist Centre has suffered a temporary closure on account of so many other places becoming just as bemused … but thanks for the update. Facts are always welcome …

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