100 word story: Green Pastures

Far overhead invisible monkeys chatter, showering them with droplets. Parakeets fly screeching parabolas in green gloom, iridescent feathers flashing through watery sunbeams, between venerable trunks dripping with creepers. Huge glistening ferns shroud a furious tangle of greenery carpeting the forest floor. Distant roars remind them of big beasts in search of blood. Here and there pools bubble and steam, magical cauldrons of fresh life to replace the dying.

“It’s all so … ”


“Oh yes! How clever of you!”

“Not really. It’s up there.”

The sign read: Thank you for visiting Lush World Incorporated. Contributions invested in our next geothermal dome.


Image result for jungle light

Image: THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT – Obsidian Portal

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