100 word story: Rite of Passage

When they took off his blindfold he was surrounded by cloaked and hooded figures within a moonlit woodland glade. One who held a finely-carved staff began to speak.

“Know ye the secret?”

“I do,” he heard himself saying.

“Repeat it here.”

“Don’t get it right, get it written.”

The staff became an ornate pen which he accepted gratefully.

“Welcome to the Craft!”

He found himself lying on his desk, the old ballpoint still in his hand. All a dream, then, and his sheet of paper still as white as virgin snow!

He set off across it like a man inspired.

Image result for footprints in the snow

Image: MC D’alton

19 thoughts on “100 word story: Rite of Passage

        1. Just been on your site and noticed the poem about the potter. It occurred to me that writing is like that, throwing down the raw material any old how and moulding it into shape. The 100 word story is good training for that – the word count on the screen is the only control. Thomas Hardy said you should be untidy when you write and I read of another writer who began writing by shaking ink from her pen over the page to encourage her wildness!

          1. Wow, the shaking ink thing sounds amazing. It’s like a famous abstract piece I looked at with my daughter the other day and much like poetry we pick up different things in what we see and read. It encourages the imagination. I love the 100 word story. Am participating in 12 short stories in 12 months which have to be exactly 1500 words each. I have found that I learn to use my words better and go in search of better phrases too. Look forward to more of your work.

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