New Year Resolution (Late Entrant)

After a spell away from home with limited internet access, I’ve been catching up on other WordPress posts like crazy.

I follow more sites than follow me – a legacy of my early and perhaps cheeky efforts to gain readers by sending people links to my posts – although the gap has narrowed with time. But keeping up with them all means less time spent on my own posts, not to mention my own family! (They’d rather I didn’t, anyway … mention them, I mean!)

Visiting a large number of sites in a short time is like keeping a whole bunch of plates spinning on poles. It’s very easy to lapse into skim-reading, looking for hooks on which to hang witty, wise and pertinent replies … although if I have ever sent you a witty, wise and pertinent reply – or even an impertinent one – you have my solemn word that I read every single one of yours!

This time, with jet-lag threatening my concentration, I decided only to view posts from bloggers who have replied to my posts in the recent past. And I’m very glad I did. They were without exception witty, wise and pertinent to my current concerns. On my wavelength, you might say, tuned into the way I was feeling. My only question is, why the hell haven’t I done this before?

My days of chasing new readers are done. And anyway, too many of my more recent followers are concerned with self-promotion rather than self-examination. Ha, you may say, he can talk after confessing to shameless marketing of himself as a new blogger! But from now on I intend to develop more two-way correspondences with fellow seekers after the truth. In a fun way. Blogging is fun, right?


Image result for Too Many Spinning Plates



19 thoughts on “New Year Resolution (Late Entrant)

    1. My estimate would be ‘too many’ rather than ‘most’ but otherwise I agree. Chances are that people interested in my content will have something to interest me on theirs and this is a reminder to myself of that.

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  1. Yes! I’m 4.5 months old into blogging and initially I did spend a lot of time wondering, figuring, hooked on stats, loving what those amazing middle midget-midgets could do.
    Soon I’m off that horse, removed all distractions, and simplified to focus on just the writing/ typing!

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    1. Amazing middle midget-midgets is a great phrase, a reference perhaps to widgets? Everyone who writes wants readers, of course, but it’s not a popularity chase and quality is more important than quantity … as the actress said to the bishop!

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      1. That’s called: serial word-killer! Maybe I’m better at that😄 You guessed it: I was saying amazing little midget-widgets … Un-poetic success

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  2. It’s hard to keep up…even with the bloggers you’ve established relationships with. It can definitely eat up way too much time. We all do the best we can, and checking in every now and then seems fine. (K)


    1. You put it very well. The communal aspect attracts me at a time when the prevailing culture seems to be everyone for themselves. My resolution is to spend more time cultivating those relationships you speak of and less just firing off blanks into the wild blue yonder. More composing and less browsing, you might say … my promiscuous phase is over, time to settle down!

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  3. I think a lot of people feel the same way about chasing readers, Dave. Like many bloggers, I was obsessed with number when I started, but also like many bloggers, I’ve found myself worrying less and less about it over time. Blogging could quickly suck up my every waking moment if I let it.

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  4. I do the same, Dave. I’ve never “worked” at getting followers, preferring my blog to grow organically. It grows more slowly, but I think it’s more fun. I happily read and engage with anyone that does the same. And it does grow!


  5. Welcome back!! Hope you had a good break and thank you for reading my posts 😃. I read to enjoy to good posts and write to vent or laugh most times at my lemony life…and when time permits, a good ol chat with blog friends😉

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