Human Kind Cannot Bear Very Much Reality …

An acrostic poem in response to the Daily Prompt word Yellow:

Y ou and I run from the truth
E very single day of our
L ives. How else could we
L ive with all the silent
O ppressions of our unequal
W orld?

Image result for fear of truth

Image: Waking Times

22 thoughts on “Human Kind Cannot Bear Very Much Reality …

  1. It’s Yellow Journalism and we’ve asked for it… Maybe so. Even if we have not asked for it they’ve bombarded us with it. On the other hand I wonder if most folk even realize they have a choice.

    1. Hadn’t thought of the association, Christine, but having looked up this definition it kind of fits:

      Yellow journalism, or the yellow press, is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers. Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering or sensationalism. By extension, the term yellow journalism is used today as a pejorative to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion.

      Much journalism avoids the inconvenient truth, alas …

    1. It sometimes feels like we’re in a fairy tale and under an evil spell … my little pieces are an effort to shake off the trance, which I reckon infects us all whether we realise it or not!

  2. I too was unaware of yellow journalism and went with your meaning of being cowardly, Dave. Another example of the accuracy of Oscar Wilde’s quote “We really have everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language”.
    I have just realised it applies to populist voting too, nowadays.
    Of course the song lyric “we tried to talk it over but the words got in the way” is another way of pointing out the opportunity for misunderstanding, one does have to be so careful, doesn’t one?πŸ˜ƒ
    Back to your acrostic:. Spot on Dave. ( For both meanings of yellow.)

    1. I suppose that could account for the fascination the UK and US have for one another – so many similarities, so many differences, like looking at yourself in a distorting mirror. Thanks for the compliments, Mike, and for your considered input – always appreciated!

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