100 word story: Ultimatum

Memo to All Staff

Subject: Unwanted Press Exposure

In view of recent information leaks, there will be no more information. We have closed all programs of scientific inquiry to facilitate complete data shutdown. Hard facts will be replaced by comforting fictions and official announcements will henceforth consist of meaningless banalities. Total public ignorance is essential to the smooth running of our operation. Open debate will be replaced by light music. We have genetically modified the tree of knowledge to be fruitless. Everything will be the opposite of what it appears to be. This message will automatically self destruct in 10 seconds …


Image result for interference on screen


14 thoughts on “100 word story: Ultimatum

  1. Makes as much sense as some of the stuff I’ve read and a bit too close to the truth for comfort. Sense and knowledge is replaced by misinformation, denial and superstition.

  2. “Alternative facts” is the Trumpism of the day, here, Dave. In the meantime, the weather scientists connected with the government are quickly downloading all of their scientific information in fear that Trump will order it all erased. Your words are far too true! –Curt

    1. Shucks … and here’s me trying to invent a parallel universe! Oh well, Curt, back to the drawing board … trouble is, as I’m sure you’ve found, reality keeps outstripping my efforts to be fantastical!

  3. Genetically modified the tree of knowledge – that’s a real beauty, Dave. Poetic and just right for this Brave New Post-truth World. By the way please keep up being fantastical – surely real life cannot keep outstripping you this way?

    1. Sorry Dave, I did not mean that comment to be anonymous- my computer lost my address! (Or else the powers that be have longer reach than I thought.)

      1. Encouraging words, Mike, your support is really appreciated. I think what has happened is events are so weird that creatively speaking anything goes – a slightly dizzying prospect. Art 1 Nature 0, perhaps …

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