100 word story: Plan B

37 days to your Osprey Evisceration

… or so his Smartphone tells him. Dumbphone. No use to him now – not since the Infinite virus hit – just churning out data that is ever more random, pointless, irrelevant.

He hurls it over the balcony and watches it cartwheel down to bounce off a shattered television, clip a ruined microwave, rest on a dead laptop. Discarded machines ring the apartment block like a sediment of crazed fossils.

The city is silent and still … save for rising columns of smoke, like signals from an ancient past now become endless future.

He wonders who lives next door.


Image result for smoke rises from city



Image: dailymail.co.uk

18 thoughts on “100 word story: Plan B

  1. This 100 word format certainly stretches the imagination to fill in the spaces and provide a lead into the future. Are the fires the end of civilisation or will they start talking?

  2. “He wonders who lives next door.” Love this line because it is so true of the life we live today. We “talk to and meet” people all over the world via platforms like WordPress and FB, but very often we haven’t met the one living closest to us. For all we know we could have swapped comments with them online and not know that we could actually hold that conversation face to face. Great story.

    1. I’m sure the way forward will involve a wholesale return to a kind of village life, where everything – schools, work, leisure, holidays – are within reach and the communal side of life is favoured. I’m sure the recent votes in the UK and US are partly bound up with this, but then I am an incurable optimist!

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