100 word story – The Eyes Have It

So typical of her lovely Toby to make himself scarce while she entertained Tony! How many men would be trusting enough to leave their girlfriend alone with an old flame, especially when they knew the fire still flickered?

Gazing into Tony’s soft brown eyes, she clung to her image of Toby trudging bravely along the dark canal on a dank afternoon. How horribly easy to imagine him disappearing into the freezing mist …

‘Oh no,’ she said.

‘But weren’t you just a little bit Tempted?’

She gazed into his frank blue eyes, their lashes still wet. Trust deserved honesty.

‘Oh yes.’


Image result for canal in mist


Image: pinterest.com



8 thoughts on “100 word story – The Eyes Have It

    1. Know what you mean! On the other hand, he may be playing the long game – Mr Nice Guy – she can’t accuse him of over-possessiveness, can she? And she’s free to confess being tempted without necessarily having succumbed … though the reader verdicts so far are that she did.

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