100 word story – Role Swap

A man of his times, Zebadiah Crossing was surrounded by women who had a way of smiling sweetly and deferring to their menfolk. But something drew him to the spirited Nora Double who liked to go her own sweet way, no shrinking violet.

She would only accept his marriage proposal on condition she kept her maiden name. Hyphenation was the obvious compromise although he put his foot down to insist his surname precede hers on grounds of gender and alphabetical precedence. Being illiterate, however, Zebadiah commanded Nora to go register their joint title.

It was the first of many reversals.


Image result for Donald McGill Postcard Seaside


Image: funny-pictures.picphotos.net

9 thoughts on “100 word story – Role Swap

      1. wai-wai-waaaaait a minute – did you get hitched recently, Dave?!? Well, recently or not, if so, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You do know that you’re the one that benefits most, right? It’s, like, totally scientifically the truth. Married men live longer 🙂 She’s a lucky lady, too!

        1. Not too long to our golden wedding anniversary, as it happens, though the time will probably crawl … oh, hello my precious, I’m just saying how it seems like only yesterday we tied the noose, er, knot!

          No, joking aside, you’re quite right – us fellas do well out of marriage, by and large, and mustn’t grumble. Not allowed to, actually … here I go again, trying to get a chuckle out of an old stereotype as the actress said to the bishop …

          Just told the missus she’s a lucky lady and she thought I meant our lottery ticket had come up …

          The best thing about my better half is her sense of humour. I’ll leave it there!

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