100 word story: Missing Ingredient

She opens her eyes.

Another morning. Unwashed clothes … half-shut cupboards full of stuff she can’t wear … sink crammed with dirty dishes … TV screens pre-loaded with programmes she doesn’t want to watch … and everywhere portals to a cyberspace bristling with trash, trolls and trollops.

Another day of doom, gloom and desperate bursts of escapism – addictions to comfort-eating, alcohol stiffeners, airhead channel-hopping. But you can’t escape bad news in 2016 … nothing to do but Mope.

She shuts her eyes … and opens them again.


The stupid world is happy without her! High time to get up, then, and let them know what they’re missing …

Image result for sands of time

10 thoughts on “100 word story: Missing Ingredient

  1. you set the scene very well with the details. (i am glad that i don’t live a life like that — at least not thus far.) i like the exuberance of the closing. and i hope that 2017 is a wonderful year for you and yours.

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