100 word story: Crowd Fever

He struggles through all the boos and catcalls to the end of his speech. And now, at last, here is his reward: a standing Ovation. He raises his hand to acknowledge the applause, delighted that the long-suffering silent majority are finally able to show him their support and contempt for the rudeness of a few ignorant hecklers. He smiles and waves.

The steel is cold on his wrist as the handcuff clicks round it.

He turns to see the stage crowded with uniformed police officers. And he realises that what sent the audience into such sudden rapture was their arrival.


Image result for applause



Image: VentureBeat


16 thoughts on “100 word story: Crowd Fever

  1. A vision flashed through my mind, Dave. Mario Savio standing to address 5,000 of us in the Greek Theater at UC Berkeley during the Free Speech Movement and the police rushing the podium and throwing him down on the stage. –Curt

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