Monday Motivation (on Tuesday)

Handy advice for one like me who can’t leave well enough alone … and a fine New Year Resolution!  To show willing, my next few posts will be 100 word stories based on the WordPress Daily Prompt … (36 words)

Arrowhead Freelance and Publishing

‘A successful book is not made of what is in it, but what is left out of it.’ -Mark Twain

Imagine you’re sitting there working on your current work in progress. Beside the keyboard your coffee is resting on a napkin whose white edges are curled and brown from drops of the steaming liquid. You can see the individual beads of moisture as they rise through the diffused light streaming through your window. The smell of the coffee hits your nose, warm and earthy, as if filled with the very energy of the ground from whence it came. Your mind wanders as you watch the steam float, caught on a phantom breeze that cannot be felt but clearly exists. You are one with your current project, and the words flow forth from your mind, exactly as they happen. You are painting a picture with nouns and verbs and adjectives, adjectives…

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2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation (on Tuesday)

    1. Good to hear things are getting back to normal – moving is always a nightmare. Green is such a worthwhile book, more than ever right for the times, I’d say – best of luck with it!

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