Thursday Thoughts (on Friday)

Still struggling to put together my thoughts on freedom and creativity, so here is a neat encapsulation of the subject starting with Picasso’s perceptive insight …

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‘Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.’ – Pablo Picasso

Look back to your childhood. Did you doodle? Did you jot down story ideas, eager to share them with the world? The world of childhood is one of uncomprehending hope and whimsy. It is a world where imagination is just as important as reality.

But somewhere along the way, reality becomes more important. Reality pays the bills, gets the promotions, and provides a career. Too often we hear the term ‘starving artist.’ Seen as almost second class citizens, except in the confines of their own social clusters they are derided for carrying on the traditions of their childhood. Painting? Writing? Dancing? What kind of career is that? What kind of ‘job security’ is there? Why don’t they find a ‘real’ job? They are all dreamers, dreamers who need to get their heads…

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