Crystal Balls

The glass is still murky, my dears, so while we wait for it to clear … here is my response to the Daily Prompt word Anticipation.

A fter the bombshell there was suddenly
N o one who said
T hey hadn’t seen
I t
C oming.
I (wise before the event) made
P rophesies galore to cover
A ll
T he possibilities
I n case the final
O utcome turned out to be something
N obody else had predicted.



11 thoughts on “Crystal Balls

    1. I reckon the White Queen in ‘Alice’ had the right idea – living backwards:

      ‘Oh, oh, oh!’ shouted the Queen, shaking her hand about as if she wanted to shake it off. ‘My finger’s bleeding! Oh, oh, oh, oh!’
      Her screams were so exactly like the whistle of a steam-engine, that Alice had to hold both her hands over her ears.
      ‘What is the matter?’ she said, as soon as there was a chance of making herself heard. ‘Have you pricked your finger?’
      ‘I haven’t pricked it yet,’ the Queen said, ‘but I soon shall — oh, oh, oh!’
      ‘When do you expect to do it?’ Alice said, feeling very much inclined to laugh.
      ‘When I fasten my shawl again,’ the poor Queen groaned out: ‘the brooch will come undone directly. Oh, oh!’ As she said the words the brooch flew open, and the Queen clutched wildly at it, and tried to clasp it again.
      ‘Take care!’ cried Alice. ‘You’re holding it all crooked!’ And she caught at the brooch; but it was too late: the pin had slipped, and the Queen had pricked her finger.
      ‘That accounts for the bleeding, you see,’ she said to Alice with a smile. ‘Now you understand the way things happen here.’
      ‘But why don’t you scream now?’ Alice asked, holding her hands ready to put over her ears again.
      ‘Why, I’ve done all the screaming already,’ said the Queen. ‘What would be the good of having it all over again?’

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