Philosophy: “Plato´s Cave and Fifteen Million Merits” (Black Mirror)

I’d like to write about this in a future post but in the meantime thought it was well worth sharing this fascinating collaboration. If you haven’t seen ‘Fifteen Million Merits’ I can recommend it – see link in the reblogged post below.

La Audacia de Aquiles

►Philosophy: “Plato´s Cave and Fifteen Million Merits” (Black Mirror):





Hello readers! This is a post in collaboration with Christy Birmingham, from Poetic Parfait and When Women Inspire. You might wonder how the idea of writing this post came up. Well, basically, I had begun watching Season Three of Black Mirror, which was recently released on Netflix. I told Christy how much I liked it, and, from that moment, we started chatting about the series. Soon after, Christy watched “The Entire History of You”, which is the third episode of the first season, followed by “Fifteen Million Merits” (the second episode of the same season).

We discussed both episodes. And we decided to do a post on the latter. Therefore, this complete post was a result of the exchanges of points of views. But each one of us focused on particular themes.

cb1 Christy Birmingham

Christy wrote…

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22 thoughts on “Philosophy: “Plato´s Cave and Fifteen Million Merits” (Black Mirror)

        1. Yeah, sci-fi was big in the 50s and 60s. My favourite then was Ray Bradbury, a little more to the fantasy end, and later I loved the satire of Kurt Vonnegut – his short story ‘Harrison Bergeron’ probably influenced ’15m Merits’, come to think of it.

  1. Dear Dave!…. thanks so much for sharing on your blog… I much appreciate your critical statements concerning Plato…. You are right as to his his disparaging attitude towards writers, poets and artists in general…Plus, as I mentioned in my comment back to you on my blog: Plato was basically a defender of the oligarchy and his ultimate aim was to build a society ruled by a bunch of Philosophers… And yet I believe that his legacy is Huge… I also think that his allegory of the cave helps us understand that there are many levels of reality …. and that our senses could be misleading 😉 Sending best wishes.

    1. And thank you, Aquileana, for this additional input. What I liked about your post was the way you linked Plato’s ideas to the modern world. It really stimulated my ideas and I intend writing more about this myself. As you say, so many levels … 🙂

  2. I am thinking we could use a few philosopher kings about now, Dave. I always like the allegory of the cave. Those were fascinating times in ancient Greece with the likes of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle wandering around. The series sounds interesting. We should check it out. Interesting post. Thanks. –Curt

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