The Time Has Come

I have a confession to make. I am guilty of terrible crimes. My public face – decent, caring, compassionate – is a sham, a hollow mask which conceals a crawling, squirming, grotesque monstrosity you would hate to hallucinate in your deepest and darkest nightmares.

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  • I have voted for people who have betrayed humanity.
  • I have worked for employers who refuse to contribute to the well-being of the wider society to which they belong.
  • I have quietly pocketed my share of the spoils.
  • I have bought products from organisations who lie and cheat their way through the world.
  • I look forward to a pension bloated by financial investments in dubious, amoral and even illegal activities.
  • I have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to countless sins and abuses committed in my name.

Thank you for listening. Just by bearing silent and non-judgmental witness, you have managed to lift my burden of shame.

As a matter of fact, I feel much better now. A trouble shared is a trouble halved, they say, or else quartered or maybe eighthed or perhaps sixteenthed …

It may even be that my sense of culpability has been spread so microscopically thinly that there is actually no vestige left of personal responsibility for anything at all … anywhere … ever …

                                                                            Did I just say that out loud?

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33 thoughts on “The Time Has Come

  1. Great mask!
    …and impossible to interact with the world without betraying it, unless you are a self-sufficient hermit with no connections. The best we can do is try to minimized the damage. (K)

        1. Good question! I hear we are 10,000 times more numerous than the laws of evolution predict for a creature of our size and weight, so I suppose the answer is no … but maybe cultural evolution can help!

  2. There are many who are perpetrating horrors without half the self reflection. It is amazing to me how little self-awareness our prospective leaders show. Myself as a result of some misguided, maybe sentimental attachments to the homeland am no longer able to vote anywhere so I am off the hook on that one.

    1. Your interesting reflections have got me thinking, Neil. Perhaps the electorate is to blame for demanding strength in their leaders, attracting semi-psychopaths, instead of people who can consult with and respond to others. Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Saunders should be praised for trying to break out of the authoritarian model, even if one doesn’t agree with everything they say. Career politicians with little experience of life have done too much damage, I think.

      1. There is also the idea that strength is linked to aggression and bluster as opposed to strength of character. Even the most bullish 19th century politician could compromise.
        I think that fear of the other and the need to meet our own needs has overwhelmed the idea of community. The current crop of politicians are the natural result of a society that values the bottom line for the individual over society.

        1. Too true, more’s the pity! Our soundbite culture turns out to be a race to the shallow end. The big ideas like culture and community are far harder to grasp than a selfie stick, if that isn’t too much of a mixed metaphor!

  3. At least you understand that whatever it is you did was wrong. Which is more than what can be said for most people. Anyways, life is like navigating through a swamp in our Sunday best and hoping to avoid any traces of mud; not entirely feasible 😋
    Also I’m sure everyone can relate to that sentence at certain points in life. Happens.

    1. I love the swamp comparison! Not sure about the understanding thing, though, I was just writing blind without much idea of purpose – the persona I adopted turns out to be a bit of an idiot, though …

      1. I only need to hear, The Time Has Come…to finish the quote, whether intended or not. It’s one of my favourite poems, and the turn-around just seemed to confirm my leap. I’m a sucker for intertextuality. Perhaps this was a subliminal connection…love those.

  4. it’s an interesting piece to follow as it winds its way through confessions to shifting the burden of guilt to your readers! as it makes this journey the tone changes from serious to comic. on the one hand i wanted to say at the end “thanks a lot”! but i couldn’t because i, too, am guilty of so many of those crimes.

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