All Chilled Out

Below is the final poem in my little acrostic series, which has been an enjoyable and relatively easy way to keep my hand in while I’ve been away from home. Now the holiday is over, I guess it’s back to thinking up rather more substantial ideas for posts. Hmm, time for a team meeting …


  • Right then, what do you need to say?
  • Er …
  • Well, what do you think the world needs to hear?
  • Erm …


That went well, didn’t it? Bear with me, I’ll have to go in there and bang a few heads together …



Never mind, normal service will be resumed as soon as possible … as the bishop said to the actress. In the meantime, here is that acrostic poem I promised you. Bet you can’t wait to read it. It’s in response to the Daily Prompt Shiver


So cold, this old
House, full of
Invisible fingers plucking
Violin strings
Everywhere and nowhere –
Rallentando of dry bones.





9 thoughts on “All Chilled Out

  1. I was slow there (in keeping with the word) – I had to look up rallentando. I’ve never heard that one before. A lovely word – sent shivers through me. Perhaps I have a rallentando of the brain?
    Nice to see the old numbskulls!

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    1. Cheers, Opher, it just popped into my head for an ‘R’ associated with music. Didn’t know I knew it, either! Acrostics are good for prompting the old brainbox … we really are like the Numskulls, aren’t we, a bundle of contradictions … hmm, post in that, methinks!

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