In The Witness Box


Two acrostic poems in response to the Daily Prompt Witness


                                                  See No Evil

We only caught the tail end of
It, Your Worship, so it’s very hard
To know who was to blame.
Neither of us heard what she said to make him
Elbow her in the face but whatever it was
She must have aimed it below the belt. Very slow to anger, is our
Shortfuse. He’s cool. He’s a good mate. Trust us.





I realised
That there was
Nobody watching, no
Eye in the
Sky, I began to
See for myself.





12 thoughts on “In The Witness Box

    1. Perhaps we can agree that it would be as important. Either way, vital outcomes depend on keeping a good lookout. Thanks for your comment, Curt, it helps me define my ideas …

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