Daily Prompt: Ghost


                                           An acrostic dedicated to the indigenous peoples

                                          who believed a photograph could steal your soul


Grab a moment from the moving stream of life and

Hold on to it until a whole host of remembrances become

One with the frozen image before you,  a false idol that

Sucks vitality from your world and

Teases you with mere appearances.

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Ghost

  1. Some photos have power to stand on their own, but I agree with you Dave, most work best with words. I like the hand photo. It can stand on its own although I want to know the story behind it. Maybe it is better with simply the mystery. –Curt

    1. I picked the hand photo because it had an ambiguous relationship with the text. Was it blocking the photographer or grasping for a photo? And two possibilities give rise to the idea that there may be more …

  2. Very nice indeed.
    But what of the reality or a person as a series of memories
    of the kind exchanged at funerals.
    Do you know the following (Ghost stories)
    Geoffrey Chaucer
    Hill, Susan
    Oscar Wilde
    Peter Straub
    Torey L Hayden

    1. I like that. People had to make do with internal memories until the invention of photography and I don’t suppose they were any worse off. Thanks for your list – I know the Hill and Wilde but not the others – will look them up. Didn’t know Chaucer wrote a ghost story …

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