My True Nature

I looked inside myself again today
To see if I could find the real me.
Perhaps he never ventures out to play
But stops indoors, afraid of enmity.
I listened for his voice but only heard
My breathing and the beating of my heart
While somewhere up above a singing bird
Made music far beyond the reach of art
To capture. Lost in nature, I was young
Again and back to early days when we
Would wake at dawn to hear the self-same song
From throats since stilled: ancestral amity
To stir an ancient blood within my veins
And urge this captive heart to break its chains.

I wrote this sonnet in response to June 14 Challenge issued by Suzanne Bowditch on her excellent site, well worth checking out.


24 thoughts on “My True Nature

  1. I often wonder who the real me is, Dave. We should give vent to it in all manner of creative ways. Glad you’re not locked away inside yourself. Free to fly!

  2. Lovely sonnet, Dave. So I thought about the ‘real me.’ I am pretty convinced that it changes by the second, but it is fun to go back in time and dwell for a moment in nostalgia for the me of the past. –Curt

    1. Cheers, Curt! Searching for the self is like going into a ‘hall of mirrors’ and seeing an almost infinite multiplication of distorted images – scary and kinda fun at the same time!

      1. PS As an afterthought, I also think it’s pretty much a waste of time – an ideal entertainment, I suppose, but not to be taken seriously. If we exist at all, it’s in our relationships with living things – people included, provided they’re not zombies! – which I think my poem implies. Hmm, must do a post about this …

  3. absolutely beautiful. Do you know the legend of Maria Callas and the canary? That she studied again and again the natural singing style of her canary, in an attempt to produce a pure and very simple natural sound despite the contorsions of some of the roles she sang. And from it developed her own personal style. Actually, here in Gutenberg land, we have a prof at the u who studies dialects of birds- that each bird sings with a kind of bar code- born here, migrated to…now living at… Unfortunately at the moment more than messed up- the subject of research at the U, by the fact that the students sit in the botanical garden and talk, at which point the birds added the nokia tag to their singing code. And if that isn’t a free shot at doing what you want in your outward life… Go for it, Dave.

    1. Polá ef̱charistó̱ … Greek, in honour of Maria Callas, for ‘many thanks’ … ha, wonder what we did before Google?

      Beautiful stories, my friend, absolutely in line with what we’re learning about human closeness to our co-evolved companions on Gaia! If we take a lesson from those adaptable birds, the future’s green … and we could start by learning how to get on with one another.

      An idea for my next post, methinks!

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