Please Continue

Contributions are invited for a new renga. Our previous efforts can be viewed on Rengarama and Haikumania (The Results)

A renga is a shared poem which begins with a haiku (an unrhymed 3 line poem of 5-7-5 syllables) to which are added 2 more lines (each of 7 syllables) to form a tanka (an unrhymed 5 line poem of 5-7-5-7-7 syllables). Another haiku then starts the process again.

So each new contributor converts the previous haiku to a tanka and then writes a new haiku for someone else to convert. This continues until I decide to bring the poem to a close by completing the final tanka and adding a concluding haiku. The finished poem will then be published with co-authors credited.

Anyone can participate more than once if they wish, the only bar being don’t add to your own haiku. Please use the Leave A Reply box because hitting Reply may jumble things up.

There should be some connection, however slight,  with the contribution immediately preceding yours – a tanka should hang together and a haiku have some link with the previous tanka. But half the fun is watching the poem shift emphasis and I relish the challenge of pulling disparate elements together at the end!

Here is the poem so far, but please check the reply boxes for any new additions. Verse 6 changes the stanza pattern but, hey, who minds? Feel free to do your own thing, it’s not an exact science!

See the clouds as they
Keep trying to catch the moon,
Yet still she breaks free

To sail so gently across
The sea of infinity,

As stars blink sightless
With light long dead and worlds sore lost
In the murk of time.

She jumps to oblivion to
Surface in the cosmic stream,

The light that binds us
Mesmerising our souls joy –
Cosmic lovers flying

To meet the morning.
Will the sun bless their union
Or tear it apart,

Retreat to shadows holding
Transitions of time

Grown long in dusk sun.
Watch as all evaporates
Melting breath of cloud and wind                    



8 thoughts on “Please Continue

  1. To sail so gently across
    The sea of infinity.

    As stars blink sightless
    With light long dead and world’s sore lost
    In the murk of time

  2. Thanks so far, folks … it’s now 17:45 GMT, going out shortly to play and sing at an open mic night … will complete this when I come home at midnight.

    Any final contributions?

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