Two Thousand and Eight

Here is my latest acrostic, in response to the Daily Prompt Angry

I was angry with myself for not being able to come up with this yesterday but I slept on it and – lo and behold! – the first line was there in my sleepy head this morning. And I thought ofΒ a twist on the old saying: always let the sun go down on your anger. This gave me the idea of ending the poem with another twisted moral.

After the lies, the promises:
No more of those bad old days when the rich
Grew fat and the poor wore out! But now
Reality's cold dawning brings bad news:
You once were shy and now have been twice bitten.





16 thoughts on “Two Thousand and Eight

  1. It is amazing how the subconscious deals with things. I always surprise myself. These are great.

    Now then Dave – I was going to ask a favour. I have someone interested in putting my Sci-Fi novel Green forward for an award and some serious reviewing. They have some stipulations though. I have sorted out the technical stuff but they need at least ten to a dozen good reviews before they will consider it.
    So – if I send you a copy do you think you could consider doing a review?
    PS – my email is – if you fancy it contact me and I’ll forward you a copy. If you do not have time I understand

    1. Glad you enjoyed them. Think today’s will be right up your street, too, given the ideas we have been kicking around over the last few months. Thanks for the email address. I’ll be in touch very soon.

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