Screen Test

Another anagram in response to the latest Daily Prompt from WordPress: Blank

Before turning on your television, remember to turn on your mind.
Leaving it in neutral could result in many hours lost to
Airy nothings: bread of food shows, circuses of celebrities, bubbles of soap.
Nothing you watch will
Kick-start real questions, only ones with easy answers.


10 thoughts on “Screen Test

    1. I’ve every confidence you’ll keep your keen intelligence switched on! Cheers, Opher, I’m going to do one every day for a week and then round off with another shared poem.

  1. Hey, I’m really liking these. I think they’re called acrostics, aren’t they?

    Typing this having just watched A Midsummer Nights Dream on the TV. Loved the BBC’s take on a classic. And to prove my brain was fully engaged I see the order of items in your third line (Airy nothings…) has changed. FWIW, I think I prefer the order here.

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