But some are more equal than others

Here is an anagram in response to Orderly which is today’s Daily Prompt.

One at a time, please, the system cannot cope if you all
Rush at once! It would be helpful if the most
Desperate come forward first,
Easy to
Recognise because they will be waving
Large wads of money to show the rest of
You the way to the front of the queue.

Not sure I understand this pingback business, so will be curious to see if this appears on the WordPress page … ha, must have done something right, it just did!


12 thoughts on “But some are more equal than others

  1. Marvelous. And absolutely spot on. I have many fond memories of standing in queues in England while cheerful people around me talk about what happened last night on coronation street, and basically ignore anyone jumping the queue. And a few jumpers were always there. Here in Gutenberg land, the middle classes form a decent queue, and bitch constantly about queuing, while the rich, and the pushy, form a forty-five degree angle queue to each side, then push until they can get shoulders and arms in front of the others, then wiggle till they are first. In all things in life.

    1. Ah yes, the queue as a metaphor for life! First come, first served – unless you can find a way of jumping in. Another example is a queue of traffic for an exit or a single lane, with cars racing up the outside and then taking advantage of those leaving sensible gaps to nip in. Queuing is all about politeness, which is really equality, and politeness is always vulnerable to pushy egoists who treat life as a competition. They destabilise the common good which only works if there is solidarity – an act of faith, preferable to the selfishness of both religion and materialism. (I know religion claims brotherhood, but the core belief is individual salvation.)

      Thanks for your stimulating comment.

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