terpsichore in time

                       “It is necessary to be absolutely modern” – Arthur Rimbaud


what’s gone?

the past is not dead
it is not even past
for you are now
and always now
and what is gone
from light
remains insight

what then?

no then
for you are now
and only now
what comes will come
when it is now
and not before

and me?

a spotlight moving
through the dark
for you are now
and always now
a steady point of life
where dark is not

and death?

no part of life
your dead live yet
where you are now
and only now
as those who follow
carry you
forever now

what now?

o you are now
and always only ever now
so dance





24 thoughts on “terpsichore in time

    1. Glad you liked it. I wrote the ending last night after a blues-rock gig watching my wife dance completely lost in the moment – as indeed I was, watching her. The best things in life are free, they say … apart from the gate money!

  1. I love the celebration of the moment – it is all we have. If we could only bask in it and relish it. Life should be a celebration of now.
    That’s a great secular peon to the wonder of existence.

  2. the more i read the poem, the more i liked it. it took me a couple of readings to get my “footing” (sorry for the dance pun), but then i enjoyed the conversation and the love that it shows. i just had to slow down a bit.

    1. Yeah, it’s quite dense, I wanted to pack it with big ideas. There are quotes from Faulkner and Kafka in there, which complicate things further. Glad you warmed to it. I think of it as a secular psalm …

  3. This is a lovely poem – especially the dance solution to it all. Reminds me of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance which maintains we are at “now” always, but not much dancing as I recall.
    In the spirit of exploration I recommend this YouTube clip about the possibility that past, present and future co-exist.

    The video itself is interesting but the author’s comments to a question about pre-determined future is really fascinating. I hope you have time in your hectic blogging life to catch up with it.
    {Really Dave, just following your blog exhausts me – how you find time to do it all is a wonder to me 🙂 }
    ((But thanks for doing it!))

    1. Well, Mike, being retired helps! The time-consuming bit is keeping up with other people’s blogs, but it’s interesting and maybe helps build my own readership. After all, there can’t be many writers who don’t want to be read! I produce a post every five days, I reckon, where some I follow produce several every day. I work very slowly!

      Your video was ace – really accessible though the ideas are mind-boggling. I hate the idea of predestination, preferring to believe possibilities are endless at every moment and that we can create our own future. Let’s hope we’ll have something to show that bicycling alien when he finally gets here!

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