Email Problems

Can’t seem to access my emails because I can’t sign into at the moment. Have tried through Internet Explorer, Google, etc. but no joy. My Windows Mail shows no emails received for 2/3 days. This all means I can’t respond to new posts from people I follow, which is frustrating.

Anybody else experiencing this? I’ve seen an online map which suggests outage problems in Europe and the UK. Is there anything one can do other than wait for things to improve?

UPDATE: the problem is resolved! I’m plugged back in!


23 thoughts on “Email Problems

  1. Hi Dave – I’m on a PC and I do not seem to be experiencing any problems. Maybe it is more of a local problem? Have you tried contacting your internet provider?

  2. I checked in with the wordpress team yesterday since I was having trouble on my page, stalking, as I told you, and they told me things are clean on my page. Maybe you were also being stalked? wordpress have a very good support chat room. 2. Have you thought about a free account at some provider like, or whoever else is up in the uk just for your page and nothing else. People I know here have up to five accounts at different free places to keep down the chance of being attacked. If I could write fast enough that way, I would use a goose feather to write, and send it by carrier pigeon, I swear.

    1. Good advice which I will bear in mind, so thanks! The emails are back now, so obviously a problem with Outlook – they had ‘outages’ which affected Europe and the UK. If those carrier pigeons flew over the Med countries, they’d be shot down …

      1. Have you heard Bill Cosby’s story of going to France and eating a songbird sandwich? With the head sticking out one side of the baguette, and the feet the other. (Ps not endorsing Cosby till I know just what is what on him, but his work is good.)

  3. ps a computer techie from the u told me windows outlook is the worst, since anyone with a little training can get in the backdoor the system left so repair people can get in to fix it when something is wrong. if you want to see what is up, check when your automatic repairs and updates are being made- usually at three or four am. you can set it for sometime when you are awake and online. if someone is creeping around in your system, your document files will wiggle and flip, because someone is on there. Just turn off the computer. eventually they might even get tired of it. or just make sure you allow no copies to be made and back up on an external like a memory stick. Oh how I hate the computer age.

    1. And thanks for this, always good to know about the system and its potential weaknesses of which there seem to be plenty … the memory stick tip is a good one, cheers!

  4. David, I am firmly convinced that electronic media is designed to taste our patience. Could it be the work of Satan? Poor Peggy, my language isn’t always the best when the Internet/software/hardware decides to go south on me. I always try ignoring the problem first, in hopes that it will go away. –Curt

  5. I realise I am late with this comment – but here goes. At the time of the lunar landings there was a troubleshooting document listing the things to do if there was an equipment malfunction. The last thing on the list was indeed “If all else fails, kick it.”
    Since then, in this household, we always refer to the “lunar boot” as the ultimate sanction for whatever is malfunctioning.
    It doesn’t always work but it doesn’t half make you feel good 🙂

  6. The lunar boot, haha, will remember that! Saw a documentary on the moon landings … didn’t realise how primitive the technology was, talk about a wing and a prayer!

  7. I’m glad your problems sorted themselves out. Until I got to your update, I was about to recommend the highly-successful technique I always use at such times (making a cup of tea and hoping the problem spontaneously resolves itself in the meantime).

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