Here is the completed poem. Many thanks to my fellow contributors who each provided five lines. Click on the names to view their excellent sites. The first three and last five lines are mine, as is the title. I decided to dispense with sentence punctuation, apart from a single question mark. I like questions and feel this one is important to the poem.


siren song

walk at the tide’s edge
here where ceaseless ocean surf
whispers to the land

prehistoric sharks teeth gleam
pools appear and disappear

wave shush absorbs sound
I float in the vast cold sea
from whence we all came                                                Fans of Johnny Dowd

my blood merges echoing
memories of ancestors

who will keep this song
from the silence of neglect?
ripples collect thoughts                                                     memadtwo

the great oceans sing their thoughts
reverberating whale songs

frothy tidal surge
playing wet snare drum brushes
sea lions bark cadence                                                          daveply

as stars illuminate life
to imbue the foam with awe

a planet’s dreams wish
to encapsulate a wave
on which to escape                                                                   opher

the water’s depths invite me
into their coolness within

and in the coolness
life renews
and I am ready to live again                                                 Steve Higgins

waves that sail the seven seas
will carry me back to land

wide-eyed castaway
washed up on another shore
with fresh tales to tell








22 thoughts on “Rengarama

  1. Lovely, a touch of John Masefield: “I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky, And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by.” One of my favorite poems as a kid. It still pulls me in. And your last five lines captured me. Good job everyone. –Curt


  2. i enjoyed reading the renga. interesting how many images relate to the past and and to travel. the last five lines provide a strong image that takes us beyond the ending of the poem.


  3. Space and time become one in our deepest thoughts. The ending was my attempt to pick up the idea of rebirth. Nice to think we can emerge anew after every dip, never thought about it till reading the earlier sections! Thanks for reading!


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