Wanted: words for poem – washed      (7)
Ashore, awaits the next tide.                      (7)






Come on in, the water’s lovely!

If you’d like to add 5 lines to my shared poem, please click on https://davekingsbury.wordpress.com/2016/04/09/renga/


PS  I’m getting plenty of views for this post but for some reason nobody has yet taken   the plunge … a pity, because the poem so far is looking interesting … I’d dive in myself  but don’t want to empty the pool! 🙂 Anybody else?

PPS  Since posting this, we’re up to 28 lines. Final call: any more swimmers?

PPPS Renga now finished! See https://davekingsbury.wordpress.com/2016/04/15/rengarama/


9 thoughts on “?

  1. I actually saw one of your previous posts regarding shared poetry, and it’s a great idea! I’m just a little intimidated to join in, tbh, as poetry isn’t really my strength. I have dabbled in haiku before, but (predictably) mine were of a rather silly nature. Let me get my Serious Hat on, and maaayyybe i’ll be able to come up with something to contribute? In the meantime, i hope the more poetic readers get over their shyness and jump in! Interactive posts like this are an exciting idea.

      1. Oh i like the form, too. I’d just be hesitant to add my own words to somebody else’s little piece of art, due to the fact that nonsense is my comfort zone, and i’m pretty sure this particular exercise doesn’t need to be tainted by my silliness…..so, i will stay in my lane for now. Perhaps i’ll become brave later, if you ever do something like this again.

        1. I will and you’d be very welcome to join in. Nowt wrong with nonsense, I love it too, might even make the next one weirder … easy to get a bit po-faced and arty-farty!

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