Magic Circle (a 100 word story)

     Iron_Helmet_SK (2)

                         ‘Helmet For Sale. Owner Forced To Sell. All Offers Considered.’

Intrigued, I phoned the number.

“Yes?” She sounded tired.

“Five pounds?” I suggested, chancing it.

“Whatever … I’ll bring it round.”

I stood at the window, curious, but saw nobody. On a whim, I opened the door. There it was, inside an old shopping bag, a mighty weight.

The hall mirror beckoned. The helmet was a perfect fit … but the mirror melted, the wall was a weeping waterfall, the town became trees … an unbearable vision, a long-vanished world.

In mourning, I cried all night.

Next morning, I phoned my advert in.

maxresdefault (6)


14 thoughts on “Magic Circle (a 100 word story)

    1. Just came across the picture of the helmet and thought, Wow, got to be a story here! Been reading ghost stories so went for that. Confined myself to 100 words because it’s a great discipline when you’ve not got much writing experience … plus it increases the puzzlement factor!

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