Song For Evolution


Forest primates call from tree to tree
A lullaby to charm away night fears.
Their magic circle, high society,
Is valley-wide but outside no one hears.


The hunters stand erect on grassy hills,
Their quiet gaze intent on grazing herds.
They move to voiceless gestures and make kills
With clever plans, enacted without words.


Such schemes in time will tame the wilderness:
We plough the fields and scatter altered seeds;
We breed strange beasts and fill our emptiness
With senseless mathematics, silent deeds.


And still we call across the great divide
As if our song could turn back ecocide.


I wrote this poem in a slightly gloomy mood because my tags aren’t appearing on WordPress. They have a backlog of cases and have asked me to be patient, so I won’t be too upset if the tags don’t work on this post. When you’re accustomed to free speech, any decrease – however slight – is discomforting. It’s hard to imagine not being allowed to say what you like, but many people spend their lives in that situation. I sometimes think that nobody is allowed to say the things that really need to be said, but that’s a whole new kettle of fish …

10 thoughts on “Song For Evolution

  1. Dave another good one. I admire your facility with the sonnet form. I’ve tried it and it ain’t easy.
    As far as freedom of speech goes I have a big problem with the whole concept of “freedom”. But, as you say, that’s another kettle.
    A couple of idle thoughts: are you familiar with the song by Neil Innes’ We are the Slaves of Freedom?; also do you think this old chestnut may apply to your lack of tag appearance “Is the World run by John le Carre or by John Cleese? (In other words is it conspiracy or cockup?)?
    Don’t despair, obviously lots of us enjoy your blog – even those like me without one of their own.

    1. Thanks very much, Mike, your kind reply has cheered me up a lot. I wasn’t familiar with the Neil Innes song so viewed it on YouTube and had a good laugh. Yeah, cock-up is the default mode in human life but so easy to see conspiracy or blame yourself. I still suspect my latest Bafflesby post breached guidelines – copyright or real-life references or my spoof advert – but we’ll see, if and when they get back to me. Thanks again.

  2. words have a way of getting out- they can’t be stopped…whether it is a prison strike by inmates without rights- or the walls of a concentration camp- or journal of a soldier buried in a journal found years later- the words always get out…and yours have…they have influenced people thousands of miles away- keep writing…and keep influencing- knowing not how great one ripple flows…

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