A Question

For some reason I can’t understand, my posts do not appear in the WordPress Reader. They were appearing until two or three days ago but now have stopped. I’ve searched back through my tags as far as I can but have found no old posts at all. I appear to have disappeared!

I have been careful not to use too many tags and my posts are all respectable and as far as I know don’t breach any blogging rules. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, does anyone have any advice as to how I can get my posts back on the Reader?

I would be grateful for any advice. It’s a rather uncomfortable feeling. Thanks.

27 thoughts on “A Question

    1. My post has gone out to some followers but I’d be interested to know if it appears on people’s Daily and Weekly Digests. I’ve checked all my tags and none of my posts appear on any of the open threads. It may be that copyright infringement or real-life references meant ‘Keep Calm and Carry on Breathing’ was unacceptable, so I’ve changed it a bit. Thanks for responding.

  1. I have problems on and off…I did an online chat with someone who fixed it when my reader was mostly disappearing completely. I’m never sure if it’s my computer or wordpress. Anyway, this is in my reader.

    1. Yeah, may have to chase this up. Much as I’ve enjoyed my 9 months on WordPress, I’m not going to continue with the blog if I can’t get it read by non-followers. There’s always writing …

      1. I found them to be very helpful. Although the “can I help you” little box only shows up sometimes for me, I’m not sure how to make it appear! But I had a nice long online chat with someone who got back to me within a day telling me she had figured out the problem and solved it.

  2. Have now tried to explain my problem in the Forum, with a request that it’s looked at by a moderator. This seems to be the most I can do, as I’m a public user and there’s no direct way to get help. Anyone got any other suggestions?

  3. Hi Dave – I’ve just got back after a two month jaunt! A lot of your stuff is down as can’t be found.
    All I can suggest is that it is the vagaries of WordPress.
    But it could be a conspiracy to stifle the sane!

    1. Hi Opher – hope you had a good trip! Yeah, WordPress have just got back to me after a week of tag invisibility, apparently I was inadvertently caught up in their anti-spam system. Anyway, just tested and I’m back. Still sane, after my inadvertent gagging … just!

  4. Two reasons only. 1.too many tags (stay within 13 tags+2 categories): 12+1 is worry free.
    2. Devoured by the spam blogger, those bloggers who hijack tags and flood them with only their stuff all day, night, or at a specific time of day. If it’s the latter, simply removed your post and try again after they’re finished forcing themselves on everyone else. Cheers.

      1. Spam blogger: look at the feed; it’s flooded with only posts from that person (2 every 1omin, or 10 at once etc.. or several such people doing that), trying to force the issue. If your ‘interesting’ post just disappears under a load of garbage, just take it down and re-publish at a more convienient time (change back to draft..correct time and date). Cheers.

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